Reviews for "madness scene creator 1.1"

madness es de lo mejor

este juego es bueno

I don't know what words to use for that madness scene creator.. That.. BEAUTIFULLLL :D

Pretty nice scene creator, however there is a glitch: if you press the truck scene, it will sends you back to the " PLAY " button.
Also, can you add A.T.P. soldat and other guns ?

Well you done pretty good on this.

Plenty of Weapons (2+)
Side Characters (1+)
Auditor's Fire (2+)
Easy to Invert (2.5+)
Present AAHW Units (3+)
Yellow Wounds (3+) 3+ because they are rare.
Hands (0.5+)

No Hank or Jev (2-)

Score:12 (Over 5!)