Reviews for "Smokin'"

Cant agree more...

I feel connected to that song and want to punch people who smoke around me

nice animation also :D

vakavadesigns responds:

Instead of punching, you could always make an animation to reach more people. Just saying... a punch only does so much ya know. Smokers will punch back... and man do those guys punch hard!

I think that too....

The somokers sometimes are so fucking annoying...and I smoke one time and i don't like it at all...well was just like smoke...

vakavadesigns responds:

The best kinds of smoke (not necessary in order)

Gun smoke
BBQ smoke
Tire burn-out smoke

Well I like it :D

I think the song fits today too even if people aren't allowed to smoke in bars and restaurants anymore.
There are for example those guys who ask you ...maybe at the bus stop" is it okay if i smoke" and you say "no...could you please wait" and then they still smoke and even blow the smoke in your face -_-

vakavadesigns responds:

Have you ever been to Czech Republic? It's very smoky there in Prag.

By the way, your music is great!


I geuss smokers don't understand how F***ING annoying it is when someone smokes and blow his poison straight in your face!
I might come over a bit extreme, but smoking is really really filthy, and i'm glad its deadly, cuz they deserve it.
(no offense againts over 40's, since they technicly can't help it)
PS: nice animation too!
PPS: sorry for the faults in grammar, i'm dutch.


Good for younger kids, and i think its kinda funny. Its true tho. it kills you even if you dont do it. second hand smoke is bad too. I know lots of people who smoke. Its their option and i for one wont. and thats my option. Great job! :D