Reviews for "Smokin'"


animation is smooth and its fitting to the lyrics , i like it .

vakavadesigns responds:

Animation's smooth? What? I think it was pretty rough. Glad you liked it. Thanks for your review.


I love his facial expression at the end XD

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks! I make that face all da time.

although I am a smoker...

I really loved the animation and song <3 great job!

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks for your review Monyk! :]

I love it how the most bitter, retarded review I got was from a non-smoker and the majority of smokers are very easy-going and positive. I'm really impressed and all crazy animation aside, I respect you all.

Some witty title

Not bad not bad at all. And as a former smoker I completly agree with the message of your flash.

vakavadesigns responds:

Hey thanks!

Good Message

I recently quit smoking, and I'm so glad of it.
My hands don't smell of smoke anymore, my hair's beginning to loose its smell, and I've been able to taste food without tasting smoke.
I've only just realised how dumb smoking really is.
Good video, and the animation isn't bad, :P

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks for your review. :] Congratulations on your decision as well!