Reviews for "Smokin'"


nice animation!
the non smoking guy in the video is the sadest one tho..
i'm nice was awesome


I dono the guy below was a bit of a prick, but he has some good points, but i would only really reflect that on when the song says "I don't think it's fair for them to pollute my air" or something like that, cause i mean really smoking smells bad and not everyone likes it but i can think of a thousand inconvenient things that people do that i'd rather see stop before smoking..... but ya thats not important, song was catchy, animation was alright, 7/10

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks Jordan!


Though a little heads-up, it's not about the taste or looking cool or however you put it. Well, not for me and the smokers I know, anyway. There's a really relaxing head/body buzz. I mean, it's not worth it, like, the stress relief is small and temporal compared to the long-term negatives, but I'm just saying.

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks for not getting all defensive and hyped up =)) and for the review.

I am a smoker

and you are so right...

Made me chuckle

Theres a lot of anger towards smokers, and as a smoker I can tell you most of us really do not care that we are hated :) Just the fact you hate someone for smoking is a bit shallow.

Its like saying I hate people who drive, as they are slowly killing the planet, you cant hate someone for something so trivial.

But, then again... I would never smoke whilst someone was eating near me, never smoke around kids, always stand down wind to non smokers on breaks (just a nice thing to do).

THAT ASIDE, a good flash, made me laugh

vakavadesigns responds:

I appreciate your review, thanks!