Reviews for "Smokin'"


i need a cigarette

vakavadesigns responds:

Not really


on the sidewalks, in the malls, at balcony of your condo...
I hate the smell of smoke.
I mean more people are dying as second hand smokers than actual smokers...
Like the song!


Just to disprove L2TheM. When the smoke is travelling it does not DIFFUSE into the atmosphere, air and smoke don't mix. When someone smokes it does not immediately diffuse so you cannot apply simple percentages. that is all.

Great flash, great song, 9/10 from me. :)

vakavadesigns responds:

Thank you for clarifying some pretty questionable chemistry. :D

Smoking does suck...

But this video does not. I'm happy that you are continuing to bring Wally Pleasant songs to NG. There is a lot of potential from his material and I'm glad that it is getting the awesome treatment you are producing.

I liked the characters that were made and you did a good job with the actions going on to the lyrics of the song. I also really like the art style so it was entertaining visually as well.

I hope you make more of these. There are lots of really great songs that can be funny flash videos too. "I Hate Cops," "Bad Haircut," "VH1 Song," and "Bad Kids Show Host" come to mind. However with your art style I would really like to eventually see Wally's version of "The Cat Came Back." That would kick ass.

i agree

i really fucking hate cigarettes and the fags who smoke em, ut i looooooooove pot.

vakavadesigns responds:

Well I wouldn't call them fags though