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Reviews for "Dimension Diver"

Nice enough game, but...

I liked the idea of your game, and the graphics were really a nice touch, but the controls aren't responsive enough. Please change the jump action from spacebar to the w key, or make it optional to play with the arrow keys. Also, the response of the character to the pressing of the corresponding buttons is way off. (That's playing with Firefox, btw.) I'm a fan of this kind of game, though, and I'm trying to put all this bluntly. For an original game, I still think it's pretty good overall.

not bad at all

It deserves a higher score...
anyways, I enjoyed it enough to try yo beat level 5. The controls are a bit wishy washy (overly sensitive one time not enough in other instances). I wouldve enjoyed better music (this game involves somebody moving fast so I wouldve picked more fast paced beats)

Other than that Its a great game, well drawn characters and concepts!

Good game, though...

First, I have to say I give you major props on the animation. 10 stars for that alone. The graphics are awesome. I like the game, I think it was put together well, but for me I got a little bored after awhile. I think if there were things to collect on the way in-between the monsters, it would make it more interesting and my attention span would last longer.
I agree with Zombieslayer123454 that it is a lot like Mario and Sonic, mostly Mario to me with how the worlds are set up. Not a bad thing, there are a lot of similar games out there, just an observation.
The controls took me a moment to die a few times with the sensitivity, but you get the hang of them quickly, so I personally don't think its much to gripe about. All and all I enjoyed the game, though I think it could be just a little more rounded, a little here, a little there. Maybe add a story line as to why this cute little hero is out killin the aliens, just to make it more interesting.
You did a great job regardless! =]

#6 wooooo

I saved the universe.

Loose controls.

Extremely loose controls. Most of the time I dashed when i didn't want to because I was trying to line myself up to land on an enemy.

Good game, but the controls need a little work.