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Reviews for "Dimension Diver"


this game is stupid..i mean u cant even control it right..rontaimeai cucu

just doesnt feel right to me.

the controls in this game are absolute rubbish.

its either far too sensitive on the dash or not nearly sensitive enough when you simply want to move suddenly or only slightly; its like theres only one speed and you can only hope you dont over/undershoot your target when holding down any direction. which is pretty impossible. and then the monster hurts you anyway...
theres far too much air control while going left and right. this makes light adjustments very difficult. especially with the stupidly sensitive dash.
the pace is sluggish unless youre going full throttle and you gain hardly any air after landing on an enemy from your first jump. even if you are holding down jump like it says. this makes it quite hard to get any combos going unless you get random luck by monsters appearing under you.

this is pretty bad so far.

the music was.. it was kindof alright. in the end the frustration on the controls being retarded just made it annoying.

it looked pretty nice. although the edges were deceiving when i thought hitting what looked like a vertical wall was actually just a bunch of green stuff that i could move through. and fall through.

all in all it seems like this game was just a bunch of random shit slapped together without ironing out any of the kinks. maybe thats what posting it here was for?
if thats the case then please fix the controls. mechanics and smoothness of play are what i care most about in any game.
i hope you improve this game to standards along the lines of mario and sonic. probably sonic as the dude already looks like him.

3/10 so far.

Super Mario/Spyro Inspired

The gameplay is exactly like Super Mario Brothers except with an addition of the double tap dash so it becomes extremely addiction, at first it is hard to get into but then the levels seem to fly by and you can get combos easilly which is really fun and rewarding.

The art style and colors remind me of Spyro; very mystical and magical. The boss battles seem to be lacking and i honestly thought the first boss was just another minion but i imagine they keep getting harder and hopefully bigger and more intimidating.

The controls are flowing nicely and i didnt find some glitch where i always run to the right or something like ive found in other featured games so people who bitch about that just suck at the game.

5/5 10/10 i hope you make more games like this

Really good game!

This is like a fusion of Mario and Sonic combined.
It's missing a few stuff like control scheme, boss mode (also meaning it needs more bosses), and it also wouldn't hurt to have at least one upgrade or bonus item.

But, still nice to look at, great music, good character, and overall awesome.


while the overall creation factor of this game, is well thought out. i found that there were many instances. where i came into contact with enemies. and it would hurt me. when the area i jumped on, (on top of them, partially to one side or the other.) would be a clear strike to the enemy. all in all a good game. kudos to all who worked on this.