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Reviews for "Dimension Diver"

The gameplay rules!

I love games with dash, this was more fun than that Gay Unicorn Rainbow or whatever -game :D
The last boss was challenging... even in normal mode... but I understand why there is a hard mode cause I still won the game with 11 lives ahead of me... (even thou the last boss(es) stealed about 7 :c)
Nice that the combo increased from just adding hundreds to increasing 500s after you reach 2000 or what it was... but why did the combo end after 5000? ^^ I could have gotten 7000 :C I t just went back to 100 again...

Great Game :D Will now actually TRY hardmode ;)


Love the graphics and the sound effects. It's really simple to play and the game is super fun. I reminds me of Robot Unicorn Attack with all the jumping and dashing. Great Game, keep making em'!

A very well made game!

This is a nice,cool 3D and very well made game!I made it to the end,unlocked the colour changer and got a highscore of 416,950.I'm on 4th place today.;D I give it a 10/10
It's awesome,it deserves more than just the homepage and it needs to be made with more unique and cool levels.If there is a sequel please add more characters,levels and enemies.Thanks dude,keep up the good work!:D

hell yeah!!!!!!!

you gota be fast and quick i like it :3 you did good eric posas

Controls to loose

I can hardly stand the controls at all. They're so loose and unresponsive that I feel like I'm on ice at all times.
The music is adequate but forgettable.
I like the aesthetic but the graphics are so blurry it's hard to tell what anything looks like beyond basic shapes.
The dash mechanic is only useful in avoiding pitfalls and is hardly any good even in that context.
All in all, it seems like a decent attempt to make a aesthetically interesting and diverse game, but with uninspired controls and a lackluster initiative.