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Reviews for "Dimension Diver"

Sucks a bit.

This game at a part sucks.

Really well done....

But it's just another Mario clone with extra moves.


Not too bad, retrieving and earning extra health was a good idea and worked well. I would say that it was irritating that colliding with an enemy pushes you sideways, making it incredibly likely that you will fall off the stage - this happened to me almost every time I hit an enemy - and therefore lose two health points rather than one.

not perfect

Flash-vise: It's perfect. It looks nice, plays nice, many colors and its all great.
Hey, non of us is perfect, and we shold always try to get better. The levels are all the same. Other than a new look, they feel too similar. Why not a section with a giant gab you have to jump, or like a spring you need to land on, or something?

Also, there's to little enemy variation. And the enemies themself dont pose much of a challange.. Have some jump around early on in the game.

If you changed some of the things mentioned above, it would be an awesome game.

And to all you gramma nazits reading this: :P


About controls, some people say they are loose, well actually i like it that way. The music maybe not awesome, but it's cool. Animation is just amazing and it looks like you're really proud of it. Great job!