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Reviews for "Dimension Diver"

Great execution

My only real gripe about this is the dash was a bit too sensitive. I think a few times I preformed a dash while just adjusting my position on the keys. I think it was great that you lost your health on death it gave you incentive to not die, anyone who cries about it, is doing just that. As full health can easily be achieved again in a single combo depending on the level, as a few levels I was able to get through without touching the ground and came out of it with four more lives than I went it.

All in all I had a lot of fun playing it.


nice graphics and concept but i dont know why others give this game a low score!!!!!????

Mario + Sonic

Not a bad game. IT hassome potential, but it's nothing to to be honest. The graphics are amazingly done, but this is like a mix of Mario and Sonic in my opinion. And Controls are little uncomfortable, but still it's an ok game. I agree with Dethjavu.

Nothing new

The game play seems like a much more watered down version of a fun platformer. The music and sprites for the game arn't that bad but if the game play had a little more... depth, it might be better.

it´s like many others already have said it.

the idea and the game in itself is good, as well as the music and animation, but the dash move is too loose and sensitive. I even had the impression that it preformed the dash move without my exact call of the controls. and because of the controls, it became a small 6/10, but if the controls were a little bit better, I think it was worth an 8/10.