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Reviews for "Dimension Diver"


3D !!!!!!! Woot!

AWESOME! But....

It needs better controls. I always seemed to hit enemys RIGHT when my dash was over. I loved everything but the dash, and how you lose your max after you get defeated.

I'm impressed...

Impressed and disappointed at the same time. I mashed the "D" and "Space" buttons repeatedly and flew through the levels... The end boss battle was too easy, as the three things clustered and gave bonus life over and over... So a 10 for the graphics and sound, but 3 stars deducted due to poor gameplay.

Good but...

lovely colours in the game and nice music but the character skids too much and when in the air it keeps speeding when i dont want it to

Good concept, needs a little refining.

Good solid concept. I like the graphics and music. The controls need work.

Dash should have been its own button and the jump, for me anyway, was not near as responsive as it should have been. I'd push and the latent response would cause me to mistime the jump falling to my doom. And because of the awkward dash, I'd end up running into the enemies at the wrong time, incurring damage.

If it hadn't been for that I'd have likely really enjoyed this a lot more. Still, you put a lot of effort into the game and it shows. That deserves recognition.