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Reviews for "Dimension Diver"

ok but with minor problems

well when runing and trying to boost into a dash it has a sticky key effect and sometimes doesnt work.


Pretty good...too bad the controls are kinda lame and @Allawen:too long did not read!

good concept, but needs work

The controls are FAR too touchy, especially the dash mechanic. In a game where precise landings are important, it's frustrating to frequently dash accidentally when trying to fine tune your landing.

It's nice

I quite enjoy this game but there are some problems that need fixing. First of all, the controls are just a bit too clumsy for this type of game. It's too easy to accidentally dash to your death. To remedy this I think the dash would be better off as a single button while the arrows are left strictly for movement this would make it less tricky to attempt fine-tuning a landing because you won't accidentally dash when tapping the key once to adjust your position. This also makes it easier to avoid annoying deaths where you were about to dash but because it's a double tap, the monster right next to you ends up hitting you instead. Furthermore, this would open up the possibility of more dash control. For instance, holding forward while dashing could produce a long dash. I would have liked a long-dash would be great to ensure you hit the enemy istead of just taking damage. Another feature could be pressing up during a dash to stall which would make it easier to land on monsters or platforms. You could also enable pressing down mid-dash to drop straight down onto a monster or platform for an easier landing. Also, I noticed that no matter what, you always bounce the same height if you jump on a monster to kill it, it'd be cool if you could push jump at the right time to springboard off of them which would be useful for reaching platforms, flying enemies, and continuing combo chains since more air time gives more time to correct the landing. Adding these features may also enable you to make the game a bit more challenging. I breezed through normal and hard without much trouble, but extreme is the one I'm stuck on and that's only because of the single hitpoint. You could add some stronger platforming and maybe some simple puzzles. Also, a bit of backstory, at the end of the game it says "Congratulations, you saved the universe" or something to that effect but I have no idea exactly from what. Clearly the boss monster has something to do with it, but what was it going to do to the universe? Was it going to eat it? Is it trying to eat it because it's hungry or just for the lulz? Anyways, with this being your first sponsored game I do say you're off to a good start.

Quite colorful

I like this game. It's a bit hard to get the hang of, but once you do, it's not as difficult as one might think.