Reviews for "Ultimate PokeQuiz"

12:21 I Got 4 Pokeballs (Poke, great, ultra and timer), 100 pokemon, (One of them is kyurem) and i think, that there should be Gen 6 pokemon (Fennekin, froakie, cheesespin (No, chespin) yvel-thing and x-something plus that new eeveelution)

Umm why doesn't haunter and flaffy work?


put the No. 000 Pokemon MissingNo

Same as below

It's good, could use a little bit of polish on the interface. Also, some sort of auditory cue that you've got it right would be helpful. A hint button would be nice; maybe something that gives the cry of a pokemon you haven't named yet? Or a spell checker of some sort that would guess the pokemon you're trying to name at the cost of a minute or two. Just a thought.