Reviews for "Ultimate PokeQuiz"

It's okay

At least you know coding. The game is a bit too direct, but it would keep someone occupied for a while.

dotTiger responds:

Yeah it's just a little mini-game really. I don't tend to make full games at the moment, I prefer to just make loads of prototypes because it gets me trying new things a lot faster ^^

Same as below

It's good, could use a little bit of polish on the interface. Also, some sort of auditory cue that you've got it right would be helpful. A hint button would be nice; maybe something that gives the cry of a pokemon you haven't named yet? Or a spell checker of some sort that would guess the pokemon you're trying to name at the cost of a minute or two. Just a thought.

Good, but can be better!

Shouldn't give 10 for now, but... if you're going to improve it further - let me change it when its done! Pretty chalenging without at least pictures of those Pokemon :). In my opinion they are needed, sound optionally, but would be a nice touch though.

Damn, I'm most familiar with first 151 - still have problems with 'em, but anyway - you brought many memories from my childhood with this quiz. Good job!

dotTiger responds:

Not sure I'll manage to get sounds but I'm working on getting images :D Thanks for the review.

Pretty Good

I like it though it was very challenging, after a bit i took out my pokemon startagy guide for soulsilver, good concept though maybe if you added animantions sound,etc. would make it better

This is a game?

Had a lil bit of fun tryin' to remember all the first 150, but can you really expect anyone to remember EVERY one of them? F'reals? Crazy...

.....crazy. 3/5.

dotTiger responds:

Nah I don't expect anyone to get all of them, just thought it'd be fun to see how many you can remember :D It's kind of fun to work through with friends as well.

Damn one guy on another site said he got up to 500-somethin xD Wonder if he cheated or not.