Reviews for "Ultimate PokeQuiz"

im sorry but this is super hard super boring super lame and super pointless!

it is awsome.i also have quite a few Pokemon cards that will help me(Example:Buizel card)it's awsome because this took me quite a while to figure some Pokemon out.


I think it's perfect like this! Of course that the interface is simple, but having no images and no sounds makes it even more challenging!
If you want to put images, please let the player choose if he wants it or not before the game starts!

dotTiger responds:

Ai I've been trying to add images but it makes the game lag like hell :P If I do add images eventually I'll probably submit that as a separate game.


its spelt vespiquen in your game. other than that, great game, i would have created it years ago if i had more ambition

Im so tired..

this took about 4-6 hours but i got up to 511 and i only found 3 legendaries cheating uxie, azelf, and mesprit omg im so tired...