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Reviews for "Futura Get's Busted"


Out of all your other works I think this is the best one by far. Music was great animation was even better and it all came together nicely. Just wondering, have you ever thought of animating something like this instead of making it a game? Keep it up!


Just had a flashback to my childhood... I just want more of her now :D
I do hope there will be a part two, with some Bj or anal :D

You used this position 3 times!

1. Really Good Night
2. Blossom's Bedroom
3. "and now this"

Other than that great art, funky music. Couldn't you animate a new position for once?

JoSilver responds:

Actually that's still in the works. Don't worry I am working on something in a different Position, Ask Nakoruru if you don't believe me, It's just I finished this first.

You're just using the same model with small tweaks

Come on man, when are you gonna try something harder like how you said you'll try animating the flow of hair? It can be done in Flash.

H-Flashes are works of art if you show some more effort man. Sure using Flash is actually very hard for some people.

But you've used the same model in almost 3 times now. Add some perspective and depth.

JoSilver responds:

I know your right but this was something small. It's not that I'm not trying new something but this is what got finished first. I was really just doing this for the sake of doing because I need a break from ofher things. I really didn't want this to be anything special.

I really don't want people to gauge my skill or work ethics based on this. The big stuff is come sometime but this isn't it.


AWESOME :D I wouldn't say this is extremely creative or new, but I see what you were aiming for and this flash was pretty well put together. Its actually a shitload better than most I have played KEEP MAKING MORE

JoSilver responds: