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Reviews for "kjw's maze game beta 2.0"

Alright for a beginner I suppose.

Needs a bit more work if your going to make another on i would suggest a better structure.

I can solve it easily

1. Right click
2. Move your mouse to the red circle and click it.
3. Repeat the steps on every maze.

You should make a character that can only move when the player press the arrows button. :) 7/10

kjw1998 responds:

thats just defeating the purpose of playing on a game tho isnt it. why would you play on a skill game if your going to cheat, surely you play on skill games to find your skill at the game not cheating?


Not bad, the things you may want to concentrate on is adding a few more levels to begin with, and also making it so that you can't cheat with your mouse pointer, but still, a good start :]

Too simple even for a beta

Even if you're going for the hand-painted look on purpose, the graphics are rather bad. The menu and the mazes look boring. Why not have a background in the menu, more colors in the maze and a custom graphic for the mouse pointer?

The game is too easy and short. It would be nice if there were more mazes, with the later mazes actually difficult to solve, instead of just one path to follow. And without some additional gameplay elements, it will be a boring game.

There are also some bugs. In the first maze you can skip the whole maze simply by leaving the flash window at the right, go below the south wall and enter the flash window again at the exit point. You could also right click to get the flash menu and move the cursor straight through walls.