Reviews for "C.R.U.D.E. Metal Ep1 pt1"


Brilliant character design, superb voice-work, and interesting premise. The animation is a bit choppy, but not that bad. Also some of the characters voices are a little distorted. Can't wait to see more!


I like the style of your animation, how long did it take you to make this? Its very well done, i really like your voice acting were all the voices done by you?

loved the animation and i hope to see the series!

the characters were a bit bland but i got the idea of there roles, the warping sound was getting on my nerves and i didn't really get some of the jokes in the warps really (maybe its me ^_^;) and it cud of been longer, be cuz i didn't feel liked i appreciated or knew the concept of the pilot (series). i loved the animation it was flued the audio was good other wise GREAT JOB! \m/ (^_^) \m/ p.s. u have been Favorited!


Love it!!! looking forward to more.

I liked watching it.

Harry Potter meets steampunk, nice mix. I liked all of the movement, that takes a lot of time. I agree with another reviewer, the sideways walking while they move forward..draws attention to itself. That was the only technical issue I had. I liked the colors and character looks. VO was fine. The story left me a bit out of it, as if I missed an episode. Didn't understand the portal flashbacking, or if the characters knew about it. Nice hook at the end. Keep workin' hard!