Reviews for "C.R.U.D.E. Metal Ep1 pt1"


Love it!!! looking forward to more.


Good animation and voices! We'll put together! Hope to see this series take off over time!

loved the animation and i hope to see the series!

the characters were a bit bland but i got the idea of there roles, the warping sound was getting on my nerves and i didn't really get some of the jokes in the warps really (maybe its me ^_^;) and it cud of been longer, be cuz i didn't feel liked i appreciated or knew the concept of the pilot (series). i loved the animation it was flued the audio was good other wise GREAT JOB! \m/ (^_^) \m/ p.s. u have been Favorited!

ahh nice - and fresh, so fresh

my qualm is the lack of diversity in the voice work - think about getting a bunch of different people for the cast! there are tons of great actors on ngs!

ne ways - awesome work -i loved it!

I liked watching it.

Harry Potter meets steampunk, nice mix. I liked all of the movement, that takes a lot of time. I agree with another reviewer, the sideways walking while they move forward..draws attention to itself. That was the only technical issue I had. I liked the colors and character looks. VO was fine. The story left me a bit out of it, as if I missed an episode. Didn't understand the portal flashbacking, or if the characters knew about it. Nice hook at the end. Keep workin' hard!