Reviews for "C.R.U.D.E. Metal Ep1 pt1"

this is good but shouldn't have been split

This definitely had me interested then threw a to be continued at me. There may have been some unnecessary flash backs too but I personally didn't mind because I was in the right mood and I felt a bit immersed. The movie probably would do better here if you did not split this from the second part.

Chag responds:

That's good to hear, normally people complain about my movies being too long and get boring very quickly... So if you were able to sit through the whole thing and it's met with, "You know, could've been longer" Then that's a pretty good response in my opinion =]


I like the style of your animation, how long did it take you to make this? Its very well done, i really like your voice acting were all the voices done by you?

exelent drawn....

newgrounds score

bluewolfen score

the scrip an the moves need be more improve
your drawn skills its magnificent


i liked it, it was amusing enough for me to watch all the way through. Nicely colored and produced well. Only thing that REALLY stuck out to me was the feet in that tweened walk cycle, you REALLY should fix that, feet scrunch up and extend, I felt like the characters were floating through space during that cycle. You used a lot of tweens. Maybe try more FBF next time man, much more rewarding ! good job regardless though.

Chag responds:

I agree, Was really unhappy with the walk cycle... Just didn't have time to make it better. Hopefully will sort something in the future


Brilliant character design, superb voice-work, and interesting premise. The animation is a bit choppy, but not that bad. Also some of the characters voices are a little distorted. Can't wait to see more!