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Reviews for "The Pocalypse Defense"

Yo man

Upgrade thing is kinda you know too expensive.
The rest was quite fun Though it lacked some awesome comments between levels

Good, perhaps too good.

The fact that a fully upgraded Bernie and Jess render Joe superfluous and the base invincible mean that if you play the game well enough you never get to submit your high score, so perhaps too much of a good thing is still too much.


this game is awesome just well i think the best weap in the game is a suitably powered up laser if you get it to reload faster and it really does reload quite fast f you upgrade its reload speed and get a bigger clip all ya gotta do is shoot point off the side where the enemies come from and they'll never reach you is such a fun thing to do but its kinda broken too anyways all in all the games great kinda hard if you dont do it right tho.


I enjoyed this game so much I actually had a look at the web comic thing. It's actually pretty good and worth at least checking out. Didn't find anything wrong with the game, EXECEPT that if I bought an upgrade 2 for 500, I wouldn't have to buy the first one for 250. This meant I saved up 10000 and just skipped out the first 5 levels of upgrades. Don't know if this was done on purpose because I often had to make a choice of spending my money or risk being beaten but getting a better upgrade. Last problem (really) was something other people have already noted which is that if you upgrade a lot you tend to become unbeatable. Also would have been kind of nice for a boss or something. But all in all I loved this game and was definitely worth playing. Hope you keep making these kind of games for this story line.


It is very decent game. Late is too easy. Some mid level was hard. And thanks to reset button everything gone too easy. But I used that button only once. Your comic is very attractive and your game is very addictive.

Wish there is a more hard enemies and more powerful weapons. Thank you for your great work.