Reviews for "The Game Show Fantasy"


art and humour is awesome

but timing is kinda bad at some points, im guessing you didnt really accurately timed the roughs keys on your animatic when cleaning up for the final result, and also i think tofa is now on round two, so thats a second timing error in there lol

other than that the animation is funny, its comic, characters have life, the actions reads, problem is just dynamics and timing as spacing is hit right on

maek moar

Heh i thought frogs ate everything

Frogs eat snakes, rats, mice, birds, spiders, scorpions other frogs etc. But I guess they dont eat that ;)
Anyway nice joke man exspecially with the dog looking all eager and stuff.
Nice animation and nice flow in the movie. Maybe fps could been higher, but doesnt matter much. GJ

Higher FPS needed.

An... interesting cartoon. Great animation but it needs higher FPS to run smoothly.


good, but dialouge would give you tens. and i personaly would eat the dicks. not that im gay, but its more protein and a cruise (alternate response: id eat em if i had some cum to wash em down with :)======== )