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Reviews for "The Game Show Fantasy"

I don't agree with reviewers about dialogue

Actions speak a lot louder than words. You animated well, the story was clear. Why add dialogue if that was not your intent? It could have killed this piece, if not careful (could be as dangerous as stating the obvious). The music was very awesome which added to the experience to this.

bag i dicks

lameo but they should speak



haha is it

normal if the song playing in the BG reminded me of Donkey Kong Country 2?
it reminds me of the music when you answer the quiz answers and gets extra lives xD flash was nice and the horse rolly didnt even care it was a bag of dicks

Fungasm responds:

When I was searching for music, I actually was searching for similar music to Swanky Kong's place from dkc2. Fun game show/carnival-type music.


AngryPurple.....you sound excited O_o. I agree with mjflatherty468....go see a therapist LOL. Anyways, good flash but whats challenge #2? The sign says challenge #1, does that means there's more than onechallenge?