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Reviews for "The Game Show Fantasy"

Good, but needs some work.

The animation was great and the music was good too, not to mention the joke was hilarious. The only thing i would recommend is using more fps and and making it longer plus more jokes.

Quick and funny

I think you can do better


art and humour is awesome

but timing is kinda bad at some points, im guessing you didnt really accurately timed the roughs keys on your animatic when cleaning up for the final result, and also i think tofa is now on round two, so thats a second timing error in there lol

other than that the animation is funny, its comic, characters have life, the actions reads, problem is just dynamics and timing as spacing is hit right on

maek moar

Great... Everything!

I can't really find one major flaw in this. Great animation, catchy music, and a really funny punch line! Just awesome.


If it was me, I would have just done it and got the vacation. Takes some sacrifice to get the big prize.