Reviews for "The Game Show Fantasy"


some people man...saying that the bag full of dicks is "immature". They fucking DO that on game shows, have people eat dicks, thats a part of our culture. We like to watch people eat dick on tv. This was pretty brilliantly simple and the music accompanied it perfectly, and "you will not disagroove" is a great name for a song.


this is my new favorite movie EVER!!!


i like how you mentioned that horses eat penis because that was a perfect `
homage to south park and or how my cousin lost his penis.....poor andy poor poor sick little retarded andy

Let me get this straight...

So... the Horse ate the bag of dicks? i expected the dog to but not a horse.
Good animation by the way. the old game music was nostalgic as well.


I simply didn't enjoy this flash. The art style itself was actually pretty good but the animation just seemed too slow and sort of stalled. I understand that you were trying to tell a story with animation but I felt I would of enjoyed it more if there was some actual dialogue. My final complaint is that I found it devoid of humor, the punchline simply wasn't that funny. I enjoy my fair share of dirty jokes but the "eat a bag of dicks" just seemed awkward and immature; it was not implemented well.