Reviews for "The Game Show Fantasy"

THIS video

this video suck but it dont suck


I Like the END haha It's so sense

Heh i thought frogs ate everything

Frogs eat snakes, rats, mice, birds, spiders, scorpions other frogs etc. But I guess they dont eat that ;)
Anyway nice joke man exspecially with the dog looking all eager and stuff.
Nice animation and nice flow in the movie. Maybe fps could been higher, but doesnt matter much. GJ

lol hahah

the dog face is epic

Another contest

It's interesting to see something sprung up so soon that's so well done. Probably the only reason I didn't give it a 10 is because it took awhile to understand the joke. Hmm, I probably wouldn't touch a bag of d*cks even for that. It reminds me of a Louis CK standup routine. What was cool was how awesome the animation was in this. Again, it reminded me of ZekeySpaceyLizard who has apparently retired here but at least does some guest work in Weebl's stuff.

It's a great homage to classic cartoons like Tom And Jerry. While there isn't a lot of slapstick, I'm reminded of it because of how there is no dialogue. All of the animal characters really let their emotions and body movements explain everything. "Tofa" sounds like some kind of Tofu product. The music was also nice and set a goofy tone.

Fungasm responds:

In secret, I'm actually Zekey.