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Reviews for "Inverted Y"


this has really really strong religious undertowns... not that im complying

but this game is a little to hard for this style, my advice is when making a game like this (feelings game) you want it to be easy so people can just walk through and get the nice message. i dont want to be getting annoyed by the levels and miss out


First things first, I want to point out a glitch: right at the beginning, usually between the m and the O, the character sometimes vanishes and the game gets stuck. It doesn't happen all the time, but it seems to happen more often if I'm jumping.

The setting and plot, what little there is, is awful. Good G? Evil D? Scared s? Really? This almost feels like a parody of an art game. I could overlook it a bit if the gameplay was good, but it isn't. The character's slow walk and jump make it a chore, and even after going at it for a long time, I could never really get the hang of the momentum the fall objects had, which made some jumps far harder than they should be. I think the hit detection was off too; on this one part, I kept getting hit by a floating x that was well more than a full character's height above me. Not fun at all.

Well, I liked it.

I really enjoyed the art style, the fact that everything was letters, Good G was an excellent show. Felt a little bit of a short ending, would have been nice if the story developed a little more.

The game was nice and relaxing for a platformer. It's a nice change to not have my heart racing over every obstacle but just difficult enough to make it a challenge. Wasn't too hard though in my opinion. I think people just have a bad grasp of physics and spatial awareness if they can't do it. It's like having bad hand eye coordination and complaining that all games are too hard.

So overall a good five/ten minute game.


I love the concept and idea behind the game but because of the fact that it got hard very quickly it was not much fun to play.

Not that great.

I'll start out by saying, I thought that the inverted y was rather gimmicky. A world of letters, it sounds like it could be a great game. However, the atmosphere is clouded with the staining orange background, and there's no character or enthusiasm to be seen anywhere past the opening cut scenes.

The game play relies on you to invert the world on the tap of your space bar. There's only so many obstacles you can take after being brainwashed by the sheer boredom of the game play. You move to slow for starters, and it's annoying frolicking your way closer to nearby obstacles. The entire game is based around the core mechanic of inverting back and forth, and quite frankly inverting isn't all that fun.