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Reviews for "Inverted Y"

Well I liked it...

I appreciated the thinly vailed allusions to G-god and D-devil/demon. I liked the black on orange theme that reminded me of the orange box. Liked the clever puzzle/platformer mix up that we only see a little of in flash games.

What I don't like is people calling this an art game.

Just because something is pixilated, doesn't mean it's trying to fit into the "One Chance" niche.

Be kinder. 333666 worked hard on this, and I don't think it deserves a score as low as 2.67. And sure the dialog may seem shallow, but all the characters are letters. I don't think it could have turned out better.


This is a powerfull play of meaning, language and semantics. Could be philosophical. I like the puzzles. They are innovative. And yet nice and simple. I like the story. Look forward to the next part.
All my 10 go to you.

Not too bad

I didn't like it too much at first, as it seemed like it should have been a movie more than an actual game, but I did enjoy what I could get out of it. My only complaint is the inverting/momentum deal. I think it could be easily fixed with more of a tutorial process other than "Get across the bridge", before going into Evil D's lair. Also, on one of the platforms, the guy would rapidly skip as it fell, preventing any jumping to be done.

Not too bad overall. Jumping was a bit slow for me, but to each their own.

Evil D's Advocate

I read several of the reviews, and a good many of them were low rating. I, however, actually really liked the game. I intend to play it through again when I don't have to have the sound off, so I can take a listen to the music as well, but that's for another day.

I'm actually quite surprised this game didn't do better in the public's eye. So many flash games, especially on NG, either fail or go unnoticed due to their huge amount of content and detail. They can take forever to load, and on slower computers, they're not worth the wait in many peoples eyes.

Games like this one can be seen as overly simplistic, but I find that to be kind of a welcome break. I realize that there can be games that are 'too simplistic' or 'poorly done', but I felt that this one had a wonderful collaboration of simple aspects to make it a good game.

First, the Story. Yes, it was short. Yes, there wasn't much to it. YES it had religious undertones. HOWEVER! In my opinion, it had a MUCH more 'human' message in a world of only letters and numbers. "Good G" and "Evil D" were much more of characters than religious symbols. If I had anything to nitpick on the story, it felt like it came in rushed segments, rather than portioned out correctly. "G" and "D" did seem to come out of nowhere, and they just kind of disappeared as soon as they showed up. If the creator intends to make a sequel, it would be wise to draw more on these characters.

Second, the gameplay. I felt it was actually quite beautiful in its simplicity. You could move, jump, and invert. There were times when the jumping felt messy, and when the enemy or ceiling felt like they were nowhere near me when i 'died'. But the mechanic was fun to use, and the 'moving platform' jumping was not incredibly difficult. The biggest thing was simply the movement speed of "Inverted Y"

Overall, I thought it was a well put together game, if not a little rushed. Hopefully We'll see a sequel to expand on the characters, but if not, oh well.

Too short, not enough sweet...

It's not a TERRIBLE game by any means, but it's something we've all seen before: a subpar platforming game, disguised as art, with a poorly defined and incomplete message.

And don't say that I'm just hatin' to be hatin' because I've played my fair share of "Art" games. Let's just say there are some real "gems" out there and most of the so called "Art" games are, "This is my first flash, so to make you guys hate on it less, I've decided to call it an Art Game to disquise my poor programming skills at this time. PLZ GIVE 5S!!!11!!1!111!1!!111!!"

Overall: 2/5 5/10