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Reviews for "Inverted Y"

solid 10/10 :D

still waiting for the sequel. well done mate.


cool ^^


This game byfar is one of the best games I have ever played and I mean it! I give it a 10 because it has a meaning that we are all unique in our ways! I almost cried because of the begginning, this game takes base of Real Life events too! I like the idea how you put letters to represent people/things. A very good idea and which is one of the reasons why I liked it most! The storyline matches the music which is a fit. And this game is challenging which just makes you addicted and want to try more until you win it! Successful game, good job 333666 :)

A few timing issues but...

it was worth it to see the end. With "good G" to the left, "evil D" to the right and the wOrld in the middle of them.
That triple platform just with the really long 3rd one was still an ass though. >,> *takes off one star*

I have something to say

this is not an art game, art games are supposed to leave a message, this one doesn't have any message, this is more like a puzzle plataformer with a story, not a message, it's pixelated because pixel images are easy to do because if he would have done an amazing art this game would have released months after it did, plus the coding, also all the characters are letters, in fact the entire game is made of letters, so there was no reason to make an exceptional art,another reason this is not an art game is that art games do not have sequels, this game left a "this will continue..." end.

the game was awesome by the way, good gameplay, good story, good coding, but a down it was too short (maybe because that screen shifting power, or the gravity affected plataforms, but I liked it anyways

I have already voted five, by the way my voting power is currently at 0.0015 not so high but not very much users have that power (at six months ago my voting power was 0.000036 or something like that) i'm looking forward to that sequel.

5/5, 9/10