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Reviews for "Inverted Y"


It's okay. It lacks a fast pace, or interesting graphics, or much of any inventive device. Some of the levels are kind of tough, but I think there needs to be more than one "neat concept" to make a game really captivating.

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i personally liked it. the premise was good, story was lackluster but the gameplay was very enjoyable 7/10 4/5

Not up to par.

At first I thought I was really going to like this game. I liked the idea and the storylines but the actual game wasn't very good. Everytime I would flip the falling blocks would fall very quickly. It WAS challenging and I enjoyed that aspect of it. But overall the gaming was boring.

... meh.

It wasn't an absolutely awful game. The words used as shapes was neat, but has been done before. The mechanic was.. well, it just got old way too fast. The graphics were weak (understandable given the game) but for some reason I experienced slowdown and inconsistency in whether or not I could shift the world while jumping.

Whiiiiich is a bit of a problem since your entire game revolves around doing exactly that. The puzzles were more or less rehashed time and time again, and the eerie atmosphere (which I liked) somehow didn't seem entirely appropriate.

Another issue is the jumping. When your game is a platformer, a -friggin' platformer-, you want to be able to jump more than a couple of inches. Which is a major problem since every jump is almost too wide for you.

But finally, my biggest complaint is the environment. It looks neat, with the orange/black aesthetic, and the words-as-shapes concept is neat. I've liked it in a lot of things. But the sections that involve things that blink in and out of existence (blocks, the little X's popping out of the ground) are killer, since even memorizing the pattern is a pain since they're hard to dodge given the bad jumping height. And then you're respawned to the back of that section. Ugh.

It all sounds overly critical, I know, but it honestly all boils down to my complaint with the jumping. The story is neat, the aesthetic is kind of cool, and the mechanic is pretty awesome, even if it only lends itself to copying the same puzzle multiple times, just with more environmental hazards.

Just work on that jumping. Couldn't even get to the end of the bloody game. Got stuck in that area with the pinwheel of Xs, and totally gave up when it bounced me back to the beginning of that section when I got to the tunnel with the other pinwheel of Xs.

F**k art. This just isn't fun.

I completed this game only to see if it introduced any new mechanics that would improve it in any way. But no.

Then what is it?

Is it a story-driven game, heavy-handed with cutscenes, that has a terrible story and boring cutscenes?

A platformer with terrible platforming?

Yes, but it's also a GIMMICK based game with a terrible gimmick. This game barely deserves the one I'm giving it. That one is for using words instead of objects, an idea that's been done before, and better.

Don't play it. Please. Go play Time Fcuk or something. Anything but this. Bad through and through.

0/5, 1/10