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Reviews for "Inverted Y"

Good but incomplete...

The concept and idea of this game was original and I think your on to something but the story was slightly weak. Also, the gameplay was below mediocre. There's a fine line between a challenging game and a frustrating game, this is definitely the latter. Also because of how this ended, I assume there will be a sequel. So i suggest the "D" a better name like "Deadly D" or something, a challenging variety of puzzles instead of the same tactic to cross every obstacle, and don't get lazy by ignoring your own letter theme (the underground design was extremely plain and monotonous).


Needs to be redone

Now, even though this game was original, doesn't mean its great. Having something that is original means that you have to make it really good or not at all, because then the idea of it won't continue on. Think of Mario, that idea was original, and the people did such a good job that it stuck with us to now. That could be a bad example because when it came out there was basically nothing on the video game market then. This would have made a better game if some things were fixed.

-The "x" 's in the caves should be explained by maybe another person in the cave like a miner.
-Give a reason for the "loose" blocks, like when Inverted Y came back down the force made it so it broke pieces of the world off, or something like that.
-Make the game prettier and more appealing. In the beginning, there was stuff like "smoke" and "clouds" but when in the caves, there wasn't anything there but black boxes or "x" 's.

Overall, this game needs to be redone.


My biggest complaint with the game is the story. Personally, I had no problem with the slow pace--although a faster pace would have benefited the game--but where this game really plummeted was the story. The beginning was a bit corny--because everybody who's different has to kill themselves, right? I chuckled a bit at "good G," but then was disappointed with the direction the story took with "evil D," whose name I didn't get until I read some of the comments...should have been "satanic S" or something. Anyway, this should not have been a damsel in distress story. If inverted Y had gone around the world helping people who once had shunned him for his differences, this story would have had a clich├ęd yet still much better message than what it has right now. Instead, we have a plot that essentially goes nowhere, often taking the wrong direction. The ending was especially rubbish and uncalled for (although, as a nonreligious person I wouldn't have gotten any obscure religious references), and the lack of better directions than "press spacebar to invert the world" is disappointing--because who would have thought that when you invert the world, certain platforms fall upwards, yet nothing else is affected?

The one thing about this game that was done right was the art style. The clouds, trees, buildings, and lightning were very aesthetically pleasing, yet it seemed once you entered the earth that these kind of things were wholly absent. Had there been mushrooms, stalactites/stalagmites, glowing precious minerals, and etc, this game would have been quite gorgeous. Perhaps these things could have replaced the rampant "x"s that currently exist underground for no reason.

So, in conclusion, this game is in need of some serious polish. The basic idea is in the right direction--letters representing ideas/characters--but it is surrounded by so much disappointment that it has lost its effect.


So I've completed the game, and it was challenging. I think it was original, and what even made it better was your choice of graphics.

I love the concept of everything being letters, because it adds a somewhat surreal tone to the game :) Even though it had a meaning or not storywise, it touched my mind and made me think. Especially at the ending.

Thanks for this, I don't understand why this puzzle has such a low score. Games are not only about the graphics I think.

- Chris

Well, that was weird

The story was definitely interesting, and it made me want to carry on. And I did, despite the flaws I found in the game's design. The concept of changing gravity to make platforms come to you is a great idea, and makes for some great multi-tasking parts. However, the block-falling needs to be more consistent. It shouldn't vary from life to life.
I think the graphics were done really well. I love the art and the design is dramatic.
Uhh. So, I switched gravity as I died, and I saw a black screen for a while. Soon, the screen started flashing on and off. I couldn't do anything. Interestingly, my character appeared to be some kind of cartoon cat 2/3 frames that I saw it. This was a very weird experience.
I wanted to keep going, too. D: