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Reviews for "Inverted Y"

to hard

i thought this was to hard, i couldnt get past the later levels and the music was annoying sorry!!

Not enought fun with gravity

This game is awful! The plot is ok, but the gameplay, THE GAMEPLAY IS SO ANNOYING!


another art game that substitutes depths of gameplay and aesthetic values for some regurgitated message of uniqueness. After the first 30 seconds, not even the letters are present anymore, the story consists of the most cliche and flat characters possible (princess in peril, omnipotent evil villain, and great godlike being) who have no depth whatsoever, but it isn't even like this game is a message of bleakness. This game is trying to say 'be different!' but instead resides almost entirely in two colors and crawls along like a crippled snail in terms of dialog and plot. Please Big G! Save us from this game.

This is just another art game

Pretenscious and the same as everything other "art" game down to the message, Fuck this man.

"Interesting Concept L"

The game has an interesting concept, and for a while is fun to play. but later sections just become far to unforgiving if the blocks Desynch in their falling speeds and timing. The caves are also extremely boring, as like others have said, it lakes the background details the city had.