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Reviews for "Inverted Y"


The controls of this are extremelt counter intuitive and frustrating, and the game doesn't have anything else to offer to make up for it - the graphics, obviously, aren't exactly exciting, the music gets very boring very quickly and the story line is pointless....

So an overall meh....

Shows promise but fails in execution.

Vrtual Boy colours - BAD
Difficulty curve - TOO HIGH
Unfair physics- BAD
No mute button - BAD

Use of typography - AVERAGE


I thought at first the game was too hard but then realized it wouldn't be much of a game if wasn't at least this hard. I finished the game in about 15 min. The story was good and hope to see the next version.

Too hard

This was way harder than it had any right to be. A game with controls this unresponsive needs to be much more entertaining than this was. I didn't see enough good in this for me to put up with the incredibly annoying gameplay. Compared to the other recent "minimalist" game Alphaland, this is just not worth it.

I liked it.

Everyone else is taking a shit on it but it, nonetheless, is a good game to play.