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Reviews for "Inverted Y"


Peace of art. I love it. Very interesting concept. But it is INSANELY, INCREDIBLY, NINTENDO HARD! Bad jump physix bro.


I like the whole idea, the thing with the letters, taht "cloud" ist wrtten in letters instead of drawing them.. "fire" was another highlight :D
I don't think you need better graphics or anything, it's a great concept, though a bit sad :( poor inverted y :( The graphics give the whole thing charm <3
The "reverse" thing, the world turnaround isn't new (look at "shift") but this time it comes in a nice package..
The story is cute, too... lonely y finding friends.. I think a bit of this "inverted y" is in everyone of us, cause everyone feels sometimes lonely and different.
This game is really really cool, so a vote of 9 :D

Intersting. But till there

7/10 for the whole idea. If you made a game with better controls, a bit better graphics, and leave the rest like this, it will be a top hit. I loved the idea with the usage of the letters, and the idea of reversing. Needs a lot though.


I dont think physics are the problem. It would be alot nicer if "inverted y" could jump better... The puzzles are a bit too difficult, there was one I got through due to sheer luck. Not to mention the beginning... My finger fell asleep just getting through the intro... (Beating the game woke it up though!)

This game has some potential. I do look forward to the sequal, and crushing "Evil D"

Ridiculously hard.

The terrible physics engine wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the sheer number of impossible moving platforms you have to get by. It was fun early on in the game, but then it just got too hard to play.