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Reviews for "Inverted Y"

Here's the thing...

Frustrating gameplay and annoying background music does not a fun game make.


The player character moves too slowly, flipping the entire world is incredibly disorienting and it feels like everything about this game's puzzles was engineered specifically to anger the player.

Not really interesting

The music was cheap and uninteresting, as was the graphic design. It was mostly just the same challenge over and over, despite a number of things you could have done with mechanic. The movement was slow, which really drove home all the flaws of the game. The story was incredibly trite, for what little there was. The pacing of the game was absolutely terrible. Honestly, the games seems like it's made to fail a specific amount on all of its features, and that's the only impressive thing about this game.


Im giving it a 4 purely for effort, and the music. The game play was abit simpilistic and not very challanging, got rather boring fast, and the story felt dull to keep up with. i liked the feel to the game, but it just felt lacking in something deserving of the front page.

I gotta admit...

This was a really good game! The whole concept and execution were right on the mark. The only problem I had was with the gravity based platforms in spiky areas. Boy, were those frustrating!