Reviews for "Amy Rose? (Halloween)"

She gunna kills us all!

Dark Amy is HAWT!!!! loved the story, you just better hope there isn't a dimension where anything that is written comes to life cause if there is then i blame you!!!! To bad Sonic showed some feelings for her after she was negative....i think this would make a good Sonic finish for either the games or the show. I love the dark energy dripping off of everything, and the snake biting her ass is a nice touch

Afterhumanity responds:

Yes I seem to get more reaction when Amy's butt is in the equation.


and here I am thinking Amy was just a useless character in the Sonic universe.
awesome pic and great background story too!
*blown away by the sheer dark metal awesomeness*

Afterhumanity responds:

Most Sonic characters are awesome, just depends on the visual persepective of the artist or story writer.


And ithought the original amy's hammer looked painfull!

Afterhumanity responds:

Oh yes, this hammer is sure to cause quite the mess. ^_^


i like this, your style is very umm...metal
THIS would make the sonic universe a lot better

Afterhumanity responds:

Eh, I'd perfer to think this is a nice side story myself. The Sonic Universe these days is a little innocent compared to what I was raised on.

*fap fap fap* :O

i likes it..very very very awsome-ness with a big side of awsome..

Afterhumanity responds:

um, i'm glad you like it? lol