Reviews for "Spider Pals"

ok THAT ending caught me off guard lmao


i wasnt expecting this level of quality.

I thought the animation was going to be choppy and not as fluid as it was. You really prooved me wrong. Your style of people is good too, i cant draw people :(

your animation looks like drawings on papaer!

Poor spider D:

I like the animation, the spider is cute, but I'm giving you a 9 because you killed the spider Dx


if he hadnt died that way... he wouldve died a week later of old age...

Splendid animation! I'm thoroughly impressed with the frame by frame drwaings. the drawn line movement reminds of the old ass episodes of "Ed Edd n Eddy"

good work

Very nice=)

But it would have been way better if you didn't killed the spider, that was just sad=(

so for this i'll give you an 9/10, keep up the good work!=)