Reviews for "Spider Pals"

That was sooo freakin' cute! XD

That poor spider :(


SO refreshing to see ACTUAL animation! Such hard work! Congratulations!


Very cute animation and story! I loved this submission, and hope to see more form you sometime.

My only issue would be the ending, it just didn't seem to fit with the feel of the rest of the story, you know?

ok THAT ending caught me off guard lmao


Very graceful

While not the most elaborate submission, it still worked because of how adorable it was. For something that was rather mundane, this was very well detailed. It reminds a person of the times he used to use crayons when he was a kid. The best part was how the person warmed up to the spider eventually. I think that at some parts of our lives we have all had insect friends. Well, spiders aren't technically insects but you get the idea.

It's just nice to see how smooth everything looks in this cartoon. It does have a fairly sad ending but maybe I shouldn't feel so much for a spider anyway. It was interesting to have such a wide variety of audio submissions being used. I think this will win Daily Feature. You have reached into the inner child of us all with this.