Reviews for "Stork Shot"

I am sensing large amounts of GAR

Well done good sir. It has the problem that all mouse aiming games do where if your mouse leaves the window, the aim goes nutshit. Other than that it was brilliant; the music was fantastic too.


...is the fine definition of epic... this game made my day!

freaking awesome

that was great, glad someone is addressing the issue of over population as a way of the world will end.... but besides that shooting babies while hurdling through the sky is freaking bad ass


this is EPIC! loved the pokemusic.

my advice to noobs:

shooting down birds: use machine gun (1).

orca boss: use grenade launcher (3).

(you can use shotgun (2) on the boss if you dont feel like aiming, but it'll take longer to beat him.)

ok game

good game man but the contrals were alitte confuseing and wtf a flyin shark