Reviews for "Stork Shot"

Simple yet Adictive

Cool game but it could have been much better if it were bosses and stuff. The users that say this is a bad game probably suck at another games too. That goes for the one below

This game shreds

The music, the boss, the controls, it all worked great. Very re-playable.


Guys.This game is somewhat comical too.So dont really take it serious.
Why do you think there is a whale on the sky?

Made me laugh.And the game isnt so bad,all you gotta do is familiarise with the controls :)


Abortion for Advanced.

This is so batshit insane that even a bad LSD trip looks smooth to it..

It was great!

People who dislike this game because of the baby-killing, if you don't like it don't play it and it's just a flash game so don't think the author is some raving mad d-bag baby killuh...Overall good fun game, just too short