Reviews for "Stork Shot"


It's 3AM and I'm too tired to write out a review...

All I'll say is that this game is original and funny as all hell. The Pokemon Rock music also made this game awesome.

Killing babies has never been this much fun!!!


Awesome game! I really liked the raining of the bodies at the end. That made me smile.
And of course bing would sponsor this.. of course.
Bill Gates, you monster.



Did I just play that ?!?

Stork Shot

Stork Shot is an incredibly fun game. Stork Shot Is about a Swat man falling randomly killing babies and storks because the world is becoming to over populated with babies. The idea of the game is great,and i enjoy the style a point and shoot. It goes well with the game. The giant whale is kind of confusing,but still. An awesome game. 9/10 5/5.

Very Sumple & Fun

This game seems very addictive. Its simple but effective. I have trouble dodging those fire balls :( Good work. When are you coming out with another action animation?