Reviews for "Stork Shot"


Fun game :3 I love it, the killing babies is pretty cool. The boss should have been a deformed, dead fetus that has pulsating veins going through it's entire body. Would have been amazing, making it vomit blood. :D


love the part at the end lol

an orca?

0_o this takes abortion to an entirely fucked up level... i love it


I love this game. The controls took a little getting used to but that wasn't enough to stop my killing frenzy. The music is great, the random fire-breathing whale is great, the baby-killing is great, and the falling from the sky is great. I'm proud to have killed the third largest amount (legit amount, I don't count the cheater) of babies and hope my score stands strong for years and years. You've done the world a great service by putting those smug bastards in their place. :D

Holly shit, this is........ AWESOME!!!!!!!