Reviews for "Stork Shot"

That was different.

A soldier suddenly falling from the sky, armed with three weapons, shooting storks and babies and in the end confronting a killer whale who spits out fireballs.

It was new to me. Original and fun. Even though the game didn't last long. But it made up for some good laughs, especially when the boss showed up.

- The visuals are as always clean and well-drawn.
- The music choice was great. I didn't expect this kind of game when I listened to the opening song, haha.
- The game was programmed well. No bugs (at least for me) and a fun concept.

I'm looking forward to seeing your next game. Keep them up! :)

have not started

even i have not started i know it's good by looking at the medals it's great by just killing babies.


Bloody great fun. I played for like an hour.

so true...

Q: if we're short on water and people are 60-75% water what should we do?
A:Oh you can figure it out...

Love the pokemon battle music lol