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Reviews for "Stork Shot"


Brilliant concept. I lol'd. Is the whale a reference to the sperm whale in Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy by any chance?


Cool but why a whale

Great game

This game actually made my day because of the fact that you are flying in the air with no parachute and land on your feet. How in the fuck did the whale get in the air? Anyways I would have made this game an RPG game but this was a great idea but short.
And for those who are wondering how to unlock the "Do it properly" medal is that you have to complete the game without killing any babies or birds and kill the whale and complete the game. So at the end you should have a score of 0 and nothing else. Oh yeah, and don't get killed.

Great game

It was a great game but really hard to get the DO IT PROPELY medal
to get the DO IT PROPERLY medal only kill the whale

Cool Game

Good idea you use the music of pokemon!