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Reviews for "Stork Shot"

cool fun little game

hehe this was funny it was like wtf when the whale appeared lol. the only problems i seen was it lagged badly whilst i was fighting the whale and DO WHAT PROPERLY? lol a bit short too but hey its a fun short game XD nice work

Worth waiting

I remember hyping up for this game ever since You put the trailer on YouTube :P

I didn't think the controls would be that hard but that makes the game more fun ^^

Good job Daniel... my friends WTF face when he saw the whale was priceless


Really cool game dude, i love it :)


It's 3AM and I'm too tired to write out a review...

All I'll say is that this game is original and funny as all hell. The Pokemon Rock music also made this game awesome.

Killing babies has never been this much fun!!!

great game

dont know if this has happened to anyone else,but half way through my second go,the game went into a slomo state...it was very handy but took ages :P