Reviews for "Stork Shot"


I think it should have a mute button, there's a lot of games which don't have them and it's kind of annoying. But anyway I don't really like to bash since I'm not a programmer, and as far as it goes to the actual playing I thought the game was pretty cool. I'm the kind of guy who tells baby jokes so... Go figure.


Awesome game! I really liked the raining of the bodies at the end. That made me smile.
And of course bing would sponsor this.. of course.
Bill Gates, you monster.


Great, but some problems.

Dude! that was so cool! But there was some things that i thought was kinda bad. The controls for moving around were a little flopsy. Like, when you try to dodge the fireballs, it's really hard to move. But anyway, It was really cool!

Very well

The game was fun and well did, but a bit short for my taste.

And to those who got ethic problmes with shooting babies: its u´r own choice whether you shoot them or not, u also can achieve a medal :D

Really neat.

I enjoyed this game a great deal.