Reviews for "Stork Shot"


That was, for lack of a better phrase, shit sculptingly crazy. And that's why I love it!!

Nice, but it's lags like a chines dial up modem...

The Game concept is new, and, I'm affraid to admit it, interesting. The graphics and animation are neet, but the final effect is torn apart by a G_I_G_A_N_T_I_C lag... my old 28 kbs made in china dial up modem was faster, and now on 100mbs the game goes slowa, as a politician leaving his office after lost elections...
Optimize the gane, and it's a sure 9 or 10!

Great game, but the controls need work.

I like the premise of this game, as well as most of its implementation because it has just the right amount of ludicrous insanity needed. However, I think the ability to control your character with the arrow keys instead of the mouse wouldn't go amiss. Love the music, by the way.

It was....

Good but this is not suitable for laggy computers, they really screw you up when the computer lags until you only have a BAR of HEALTH or even lag to DEATH!!!

that was...

disturbing, but somehow original too... there's not so many babies killing game out there.