Reviews for "Stork Shot"


@ everyone who complained about the controls. 'OMG, he goes to the opposite side of the screen as your mouse, faces the pointer and the distance from the center is relative to the distance from the center that your mouse pointer is at'

MING BOGGLING lol, seriously...

Oh, I don't hate babies, but I hate Orcas. So I am thoroughly satisfied :D

really nice

i really enjoyed playing this game, loved the idea, the music, and the ending,,,,
the only problem with this game is that sometimes it gets slow while im playing...i donno if the reason is my pc or the flash itself....anyways its a really enjoyable game. good job.

good but...

the game lags way too much and control of the character movement is annoying at best this is a good game with potential but some work needs to be done on optimization to remove the lags and controls shouldn't all be based on mouse
consider using a variation of arrow or wasd keys for movement.

Absolutely brilliant.

Achievements are at least somewhat challenging, and the gameplay mechanics are simple, yet extremely effective. I found myself battling the killer whale time and time again in my perilous fight to save the future. Very well done.


idk what everyone is talkin about. this game is amazing. and i have no lag at all. i love the pokemon music haha