Reviews for "Stork Shot"


Fun game :3 I love it, the killing babies is pretty cool. The boss should have been a deformed, dead fetus that has pulsating veins going through it's entire body. Would have been amazing, making it vomit blood. :D

upgrade system anyone?

no think about it, starting with an M9, then saving up points from rerunning it to buy (or upgrade) a gun! (im thinking duel M9s)

Anyway the game was funny, weapons were balanced but needs more lenght per level pls oh and the overcrowded poulation idea? clever.


Is it wrong that it gave me an erection?

Its really disturbing man...

You should added Justin Biebers instead of babies. Anyway, nice game. lol

This is Awful

This game is awful. The premise that you have to shoot babies is offensive to the extreme. I would prefer that you removed this and changed it to killing Birds, paranormal creatures or Aliens bent on destroying the world.