Reviews for "Stork Shot"

Pokemon is still great

The electric guitar version of the music from pokemon, for the gameboy makes it awesome.


This is seriously the best thing since dead baby jokes and sharks with fricken lasers on their heads.


this game is fucking BRUTAL!!!!

Great Game!

Really fun game, but I want more! You should make more/longer levels with more bosses. This is but an appetizer for our craving of new born babies!

Bloody Brilliant

I can't think of a thing wrong with this game. I hate the overuse of the word epic, but I do ever so believe this deserves the title. The hilarity of the game itself, along with the smooth presentation and fun gameplay was Bloody Brilliant as mentioned before, and yet the game did not outstaying its welcome. Even the ending, with all the babies and storks you had shot falling to the ground, had perfect timing and impact. Bravo :D